reminiscencja I, oil painting, 150x105cm, 2020

reminiscencja II, oil painting, 150x103cm, 2020

reminiscencja III, oil painting, 150x85cm, 2022

reminiscencja IV, oil painting, 150x95cm, 2022

reminiscencja V, oil painting, 150x100cm, 2022

Pionova Gallery, Gdansk, Poland

The Reminiscence series was created as a result of an active search for memories, and I mean the experience of hypnosis. Division 30 of the American Psychological Association, or the Society for Psychological Hypnosis (APA), defined hypnosis as: A state of consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness, characterized by an increased ability to respond to suggestion.
The projects were created during sessions with certified hypnotherapists in 2019-2021. The title does not refer to its meaning in a psychological sense, but to the Latin word reminisci, meaning to remember, to remind. Remembrance here is the act of recalling past experiences or events. Reaching for hypnosis, I was hoping for a mental return to past events. The above process, although successful, was not easy and transparent. The whole process required a lot of effort from me, much more than I expected.