birch wood VI, oil painting, 168x120cm, 2021-2022

birch wood VII, oil painting, 168x110cm, 2021-2022

birch wood VIII, oil painting, 168x120cm, 2021

Pionova Gallery, Gdansk, Poland

Pionova Gallery, Gdansk, Poland

Using the Brzezina series, in the context of my dissertation, I present changes in position relative to the image plane, caused by the 1st and 3rd person perspective occurring in autobiographical memories. The 1st and 3rd person perspective directly relates to the choice of the horizon line – a line that is blurred, suggested by the arrangement of bodies, or mixed up. In cases where the perspective experienced during recollection changed within one attempt at recovery, I depicted both in the painting.

brzezina IX, oil painting, 150x80cm, 2021-2023